The shop is CLOSED for the weekend due to staff illness. Monday's class will run as usual and the shop will reopen for it's regular hours on Tuesday, February 7th.

Honor Chapman, Owner & Founder

Honor Chapman (aka Cienska)

Honor's been at it for a while now! She first started making and selling her work at local markets 25 years ago.
In 2004 Honor created a new line of jewellery setting Chinese silk brocades under glass. She invited local glassmith, Cory Judge, to join her venture and together they travelled across Canada's handmade craft show circuit (winning best booth design distinctions along the way) and selling their pieces to line ups of customers. In fact, there were even media reviews telling eager customers to wear comfortable footwear for the cue at the Shi Studio booth ; they'd be grateful they did and the wait would be well worth it! At this time Shi Studio was also keeping up with orders for their over 100 stockists. Busy days to say the least and great training grounds and honing of Honor's business skills.

In 2008 Honor sold her half of the business to pursue her love of silversmithing, which led to her new company; 2 Birds. She was out and about at the local markets once again now with her silversmithing designs as well as another concept line of jewellery design made from Chinese tea tins. These were sought out by many local stores, one of which was Adore Jewellery in Market Square.

Soon after supplying her work to Adore, Honor was hired to assist and in 2011 became the new owner.

A little move to a new space in Market Square and then a new name for a fresh start and Tonic Jewelry was born.

In 2016 the Bay Centre approached Tonic to open a pop up shop. Although there were no plans to open another shop at this time, she made the mistake of “just having a peek” at the space. 6 weeks later (and after inviting Smoking Lily along to join the fun) the Tonic Jewelry and Smoking Lily Pop Up Collective opened its doors. It was hard to walk away from The Bay Centre's offer to stay on longer term but she knew what she really wanted to do next was open a silversmithing school and hub.... and this my friends lands us to Argentum Jewellery School and Supply! 

Honor invited her favourite goldsmith, Nina Turczyn of Paprika Jewellery to join in Argentum and the rest as they say is herstory. Argentum opened its doors January 2019...let the games begin!

On a side note, Honor said she's been dreaming of having time to make and learn again and figured the best way to make that happen would be to built her own school. Fingers are crossed that the business soon gets to the place where she's able to break from management and do just that. Keep an eye out, one day she may be the classmate sitting beside you!